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" National Growth Through Rural Development "

Effects of Poverty on Children

Poverty. We see it everywhere. Here in the India and all around the world. But what is poverty? What causes it? And can we really do anything about it? If we’re going to solve poverty— we must first understand what it is.

When we think about poverty, we usually think economics. The poor are those without resources. In fact, The World Bank defines extreme poverty as, "living on less than ₹ 67 a day." That equates to an annual income of ₹1000 per year. That’s right – less than ₹7000 a year.

The ₹ 67 figure represents the purchasing power parity (PPP) which is a metric used to compare relative purchasing power. Here in the India, it would be impossible to provide food, water, housing and medical care for a family on ₹ 700 a year. Just think: the average American family of four spends about ₹4,000 a year on food alone. And yet around the world – more than 900 million people have no choice. They’re struggling to survive on just ₹700 per year.