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" National Growth Through Rural Development "

What is Poverty?

The most widely held and understood definition of extreme poverty, established by the World Bank, defines poverty in strictly economic terms — earning less than ₹ 68 a day.

The poor themselves describe poverty in terms of suffering relationships.

A survey conducted in Niger in 2002 by the Office of the Prime Minister asked the poor of that country to describe poverty. Their answers provided the following:

Dependence, always having to seek out others or to work for somebody else

Marginalization, a poor person who is alone, has no support, doesn't feel involved in anything, or is "never consulted"

Scarcity, having nothing to eat, lacking the means to meet clothing and financial needs, having nothing to sell

Restricted rights and freedoms.

Incapacity, the incapacity to make decision, to feed or clothe oneself, or to act on one’s own initiative.