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One in every five children in India suffers from hunger and starvation in poor communities. Half of all children who go to schools are forced to leave education before they turn 14 due to poverty. Child sponsorship is a wonderful way to bring hope and change in the lives of the child living in poverty. We shall be very grateful to receive your help in any form. With just Five hundred rupee a month you can sponsor an orphan child or educate a school dropout or train a young girl or a boy from poor families, who would otherwise have no chance to come out of their miserable life of scarcity and insecurity.

Details Sponsor Donate
Sponsor a poor child under Home Sponsorship Program for a month Rs.600
Sponsor a adolescent boy or a girl under vocational Training programme Rs.1000
First aid /trauma counselling for a family victimised in natural calamity Rs. 500
Sponsor an orphan child under the Care of the Children’s Home for a month Rs.1500
Cost of a minor surgery Rs.5000
Cost of organizing one medical camp 150 patients(excluding medicines) Rs.10,000
Maintenance of one Tuition centre one month Rs.7500
One school kit for one child Rs.500
Food, clothing ,education and medical care for a child; one month Rs.750
One set of new clothes for one child Rs.350
Sponsor a Poor boy or a girl to continue the Higher studies under Higher education scholarships program Rs.1000
Sponsor a poor HIV / AIDS infected or affected person under Nutritional supplement Program for a month Rs.500
Sponsor a poor woman to save from the Domestic violence under Free Legal Aid service or Providing Vocational training for a month Rs.1200